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Updated 04/14/2022

Version 1.0

Powerful WFM software improves customer and employee experience while helping your organization achieve its goals.

Verint® Workforce Management™ helps simplify the complex task of forecasting, and scheduling, even with large numbers of employees, complex scheduling periods, and many queues to staffing profiles. Its features allow users to work from anywhere, supporting health and safety guidelines on site while helping employees feel confident about returning to the workplace. As a cloud solution, it can free you from the burden of complex infrastructure and administration.

Key features


Whether it’s flexible scheduling, task switching, or mobile apps, Verint Workforce Management provides the capabilities organizations need to retain talented employees in today’s workforce.


As a cloud solution, Verint Workforce Management enables customers to begin using a fully-featured WFM solution within weeks, with highly scalable options. Organizations can benefit from its AI-infused capabilities.


Simplify your WFM approach without losing accuracy. Leverage the power of AI in WFM for accurate scheduling, so your enterprise can provide world-class service while automatically aligning with employee needs.

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