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Updated 08/02/2021

Version 1

AI-powered conversation intelligence platform that unlocks the hidden insights sitting in customer call and chat data

Tethr provides a voice-of-customer analytics platform that combines AI and decades of customer experience research to surface contextual insights from phone calls and other customer interactions. The cloud-based platform securely listens to calls and chats analyzing every conversation for insights that increase sales, customer loyalty, marketing effectiveness and compliance and shares that data with downstream CRM and business intelligence tools. Customers are using Tethr to quickly, easily and accurately turn large amounts of unstructured customer conversation data into information that fuels smarter decisions and improved business performance.

Key features

Voice of the Customer

Listen in on every customer interaction through the power of machine learning, and gain unprecedented insight into the true voice of the customer.

User-Friendly AI

Easily train the platform to listen for insights relevant to your business without the expertise of a team of data scientists.

Customer Effort Reduction

Improve customer loyalty by identifying what's driving customer effort and correct the broken behaviors and processes responsible.

Business Intelligence

Leverage customer interaction data downstream by exporting insights to enterprise data lakes, CRMs, BI tools, and customer experience management systems.

Frontline Enablement

Automatically surface impactful coaching opportunities. Zero in on issues right when they happen and coach on-the-spot, turning frustrated agents into happy performers.

Enterprise-Class Security

Tethr ensures compliance with a multitude of security, privacy and regulatory measures to keep your data safe, including PCI and HITRUST.

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