Talkdesk Workato Connector


Developed by Talkdesk

Updated 12/07/2022

Deliver an integrated customer journey with Talkdesk Workato Connector by combining Workato, a world leader in iPaaS service, and Talkdesk.

The Talkdesk Workato Connector will elevate your day-to-day operations to a whole new level by connecting Talkdesk with Workato-available third party applications. With a pre-defined set of triggers and actions, you will be able to configure your Talkdesk experience to your needs, leading to smoother automations and improved productivity.

Key features

Unparalleled automations

Talkdesk Workato Connector enables a set of triggers and actions that can power-up your Workato recipes, enabling an infinite amount of combinations that link Talkdesk with your day to day applications.

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EMEA - Europe, APAC - Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, North America


Financial Services & Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Retail & Consumer Goods, Healthcare & Life Services, Public Sector, Telecom, E-Commerce, Retail & Consumer Goods


Video, Messaging, Business Phone System

Customer Segments

Commercial, Enterprise, Strategic