Talkdesk Verint WFM Cloud Connector


Developed by Talkdesk

Updated 06/22/2022

Easily deploy a scalable and reliable integration between Talkdesk CX Cloud™ and Verint® Workforce Management™.

Automatically sync historical and real-time data from Talkdesk CX Cloud with Verint Workforce Management. A continous flow of accurate interaction, adherence, and performance data powers precise forecasts, optimized scheduling, and actionable management insights so that contact centers can run as efficiently as possible while providing exceptional customer experiences.

Key features

Interaction history sync

Historical interaction data from Talkdesk syncs automatically with Verint's WFM platform, allowing workforce planners to benefit from highly accurate forecasts to make better staffing decisions.

Real-time presence data

Agent presence status from Talkdesk Workspace is shared in real-time for adherence tracking and monitoring using Verint's WFM interface, enabling supervisors to act on repetitive out-of-adherence behaviors.

Agent performance reporting

Agent-level performance data from Talkdesk CX Cloud powers Verint's agent scorecards, providing actionable insights for training and development.

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