Talkdesk for ZohoCRM


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Updated 01/24/2022

Connect with your customers through their entire journey to deliver an exceptional experience with Talkdesk for Zoho

Talkdesk for Zoho aligns your marketing, sales and support teams with a toolset that helps them keep customers at the center of everything they do. Talkdesk provides an enterprise grade, end-to-end cloud contact center to make it even easier to delight your customers on their channel of choice. From prospect to payment and everything in between, advanced automation turns your complex business processes into efficient workflows.

Key features

Advanced Automation

Build and automate processes that connect customers to your marketing, sales and support teams. Involve the right people and reduce manual entry effort for every step of the customer journey.

Personalized Interactions

Talkdesk automatically pops the customer’s information and case history on screen when a call is connected, giving agents the context they need to personalize every conversation.

Exceptional Engagements on Every Channel

Engage with customers across multiple channels with powerful omnichannel capabilities from Zoho and Talkdesk. Every touchpoint is automatically updated in a single thread for full visibility into the customer’s journey.

Two-Way Data Synchronization

Talkdesk syncs contact information, call notes and more with customer cases in Zoho, in real time, to keep information accurate and up-to-date.

Analytics for Every Touchpoint

Customize the data that is shared from Talkdesk so you can build a comprehensive view of your customer engagements, right from Zoho Analytics.

Quick and Easy Setup

Effortlessly configure the Talkdesk Zoho CRM integration – no programming required! All you need is your Zoho CRM account information to synchronize data and get started today.

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