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Updated 06/26/2020

Version 1

Bring always-on, elastic call center capacity to every customer service experience with voice AI

You can think of Replicant Voice as a self-service, Thinking Machine™. Just like agents, Replicant can speak with your customers in a natural tone, answer questions without delay, and deflect calls to resolve customer issues quickly. Replicant Voice is an out-of-the-box solution that makes it possible to resolve tier-1 customer service issues over the phone using the power of voice AI.

Key features

Fully Managed Continuous Learning

Replicant Voice allows you to:
- Automatically retrain your AI models with minimal human intervention
- Train custom speech recognition and intent classification models for every use-case
- Cluster call recordings to discover and create your intents

Industry-leading Voice AI

Replicant Voice is:
- Fast, responding in <1 second between turns in a natural sounding voice
- Accurate: Understands caller requests with 94%+ inference accuracy
- Contextual: Leverages data from CRM and other customer systems for deeper personalization

Omnichannel Support

Replicant Voice allows you to:
- Run streamlined, multi-modal conversations
- Direct callers to SMS where appropriate
- Integrate visual IVR (mobile web forms) to collect caller information faster
- Deploy Replicant Voice models to chat

Advanced Analytics and Insights

With Replicant Voice, you can:
- Transcribe what customers are saying on every call for deeper insights
- Search for conversation keywords in real-time
- Auto-tag conversations based on call attributes or themes
- Perform call QA & securely manage user access

CRM and Contact Center Integrations

Replicant Voice provides out-of-the-box integrations to:
- Authenticate callers with data dips into CRM systems
- Escalate calls that require empathy to a Talkdesk Agent
- Integrate call flows with any proprietary internal system over REST APIs

Secure and Reliable

With Replicant you benefit from:
- HIPAA, SOC II, PCI, GDPR compliant platform
- High Availability Infrastructure that runs 24/7
- Efficient load balancing across thousands of concurrent calls

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