Mutare Voice Traffic Filter


Developed by Mutare, Inc.

Updated 05/06/2024

Version 3.6.2

The most powerful, award winning solution for Voice Threat Defense to stop unwanted voice calls into the contact center.

The Mutare Voice Traffic Filter (VTF) purifies voice network traffic by removing unwanted calls at the network edge. VTF stops nuisance and nefarious calls before they enter the IVR or call queue. VTF utilizes a five layer voice threat defense to filter unwanted inbound voice calls to the contact center resulting in less call handling time, less queue time for callers waiting behind unwanted callers, and fraud mitigation. The system is designed to "do no harm" enabling the enterprise complete control over call policies. Calls be passed, dropped, or diverted based on policies derived from call metadata. Layer supported include threat radar to stop TDoS attacks and spam storms, STIR/SHAKEN ready, custom rules, the world's largest proprietary dynamic database of nuisance and nefarious calls updated in real time, and a voice CAPTCHA to stop robocalls. The most powerful, award winning solution for Voice Threat Defense.

Key features

Threat Radar

Applies a combination of analytic processes, machine learning, and AI to detect and, when warranted, deflect these disrupting or potentially malicious calls based on specific behaviors and number patterns.

Proprietary Dynamic Database Filter

A continuously-evolving hard line of defense against spam, scam, and vishing attack campaigns. The database conducts a meta-analysis of the world's largest sensor network to filter out calls from nuisance and nefarious sources.

Custom Rules Filter

Organization-specific blocklist and allow list builder that adds a customized set of filtering and call handling rules for specified numbers/number types. Rules can be built around a combination of Caller and Called party IDs.

Voice CAPTCHA Verification

Designed "to do no harm" by performing a reverse Turing test on suspected robocalls enablilng live callers to proceed and filtering out bots.


This technical control's detection algorithm analyzes carrier attestation protocols to detect spoofed calls. Talkdesk does not currently support STIR/SHAKEN, however, if supported in the future by Talkdesk the layer will be available.

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Free Trial


for 30 days

Full filtering functionality is available in the free trial of all five layers of the Voice Traffic Filter.

Virtually all customers convert to production after the free trial after realizing the benefits of removing nuisance and nefarious calls. Call need not be dropped, suspect calls can diverted to higher skill group better trained to spot fraud. CAPTCHA screening stops bots before they enter your IVR or agent queue.