Google Contacts


Developed by Talkdesk

Updated 01/24/2022

Keep your customer’s Google Contacts always up-to-date for a more effective and personalized experience

Effortlessly sync and surface your customer’s Google Contacts within your contact center applications, enabling a frictionless experience for both your customers and agents. This integration lets you instantly fetch and update your contacts’ data from your Google account, allowing your agents to call any contact with a single click from Talkdesk and access relevant information to personalize every interaction.

Key features

Richer and always up-to-date customer contact data

Easily configure and automate customer profile synchronization between Google Contacts and Talkdesk. Comprehensive and always up-to-date contact data ensures your agents are more effective when reaching out to customers.

A head start for more personalized call experiences

Talkdesk leverages and surfaces Google Contacts history information to agents on both inbound and outbound call contexts. Agents can easily use this information to tailor their approach and increase the chances of meeting customer expectations.

Enhanced agent productivity

Bring Google Contacts to Talkdesk and support your agents’ productivity. Agents will be one click away from calling any Google contact without opening multiple tabs or manually looking up data on third party tools.

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