Forethought Agatha


Updated 04/21/2021

Version 1

Integrated with your help-desk, provides case deflection, escalation and intelligent knowledge-base search.

Forethought enables the customer experience, capturing the full context of consumer engagement at every touchpoint. Agatha, our true AI, studies and understands all incoming customer support tickets with 95% accuracy. Through automated NLP and NLU, Agatha SOLVES (case deflection) 10-30% of initial tickets, TRIAGE (case routing & escalation) of tickets to the right agent, and ASSIST (intelligent and relevant search) with the accurate content to help teams be the geniuses of your organization.

Key features

Agatha Solve

We capture the full context of the consumer experience, learn and understand all of your support content, and respond and close up to 30% of your ticket volume with a 90% accuracy while increasing your customer experience by at least 1%.

Agatha Triage

We leverage predictive intelligence & analytics to improve the accuracy assessment of tickets by +80%-90%; automating tagging, routing & escalation to provide customer insight/sentiment analysis to the right agents & reduce handle time up to 20%.

Agatha Assist

With ASSIST…we leverage CRM and company wide knowledge-base to improve productivity and accessibility to the right content.

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