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Updated 03/19/2021

Version 1

Automated Customer Experience and Quality Assurance Testing

Occam Migration Assurance services allow you to accelerate your migration to Talkdesk by as much as three months and realize the benefits and costs savings of a CCaaS deployment using the advanced automated testing tools within our Experience Testing System (ETS). Once deployed, ETS continually monitors all the critical systems required to deliver and maintain a successful contact centre operation. From the carrier to the agent’s desktop, ETS provides continual feedback into the performance of your entire infrastructure and technology stack from the perspective of your customer, offering proactive altering to issues before they become business and customer impacting.

Key features

Migration Assurance

Occams AI-driven automated testing provides assurances to the wider business that systems are built to specification prior to "go live" from the perspective of the customer.

Adoption Acceleration

ETS accelerates the adoption of new technologies by many months by allowing users to test earlier and more frequently during the development process. ETS allows organisations to realise the benefits of new solutions sooner and achieve a faster ROI.

Proactive Monitoring

Once deployed, ETS uses the successful functionality testing scripts to ensure production environments continue to operate as required. ETS Monitoring allows teams to identify problems before they negatively impact the customer or business operations

Load & Capacity Testing

ETS replicates 1000's of customers calling into your contact center to ensure that systems and infrastructure (from carrier to an agents equipment) continue to operate as expected when the contact center is operating under peak traffic conditions

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Trial of ETS tools & features (Discovery, Functionality Testing & Monitoring)

30 day access to ETS tools and features including our IVR Discovery and Mapping tools, automatic test script generation, functionality testing and monitoring schedules.