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Updated 04/16/2024

Version 1.0.0

Automate your contact center workforce management through our modern and simplified approach. Improve your efficiency and internal operations.

The CommunityWFM Enterprise workforce management solution was created by industry experts with a core focus to help boost productivity and control costs. Designed with a specific vision to make the day-to-day job of a WFM professional easier, the software has over a decade of carefully crafted and refined features. From shift bidding to intraday management and everything in between, CommunityWFM Enterprise is leveraged by thousands of users daily and is one of the leading solutions in the industry. The technology provides industry leading forecasting, scheduling, intraday management, time off, and adherence functionality. All of this also interacts with a built in communications framework that is tied directly into the Community Everywhere mobile app.

Key features

Automated Schedule Adjustment Plans (ASAP)

CommunityWFM Enterprise provides a one-of-a-kind solution that enables analysts to create, save and re-use an unlimited number of customizable strategies. This on-demand feature is a game changer that allows analysts to increase, decrease or refine staffing levels, virtually eliminating time-consuming schedule modification processes. Save your WFM strategies and save time by empowering your employees to act quickly and staff up or down instantly. Best of all, every ASAP request will only go to relevant agents on their channels of choice, including the Community Everywhere mobile app.

Automated Schedule Attendance Monitor (ASAM)

ASAM provides an automated and streamlined approach to track agent arrival and attendance. The Attendance Monitor allows supervisors to view agents as they arrive by specific time intervals, and the Arrival Detail Console provides a dashboard of an agent’s status for managing exceptions. A solution like ASAM is ideal to help a WFM analyst automate agent arrival and attendance tracking. There is no longer a need to manually track which agent arrives and when if ASAM is in place. It's a solution that removes the guesswork around attendance and improve agent productivity both short and long term.

Agent Self Service Kiosk (ASSK)

Companies rely on ASSK to provide schedule adjustment options. When implemented, flexible and unstructured events such as compliance tasks or training can be placed onto the schedules of agents. Each agent can then choose when they want to complete the event, including during off hours. Every selected time is automatically approved or denied based on preconfigured business rules to ensure the event does not conflict with an existing schedule. Contact center utilize ASSK to provide agents with more control over their schedule and to be more efficient at completing required off phone events.

Seamless Integration to Talkdesk Workspace

CommunityWFM has a seamless integration within the Talkdesk Workspace. The extensive collaboration between the two companies resulted in an integration that went above and beyond to improve the agent experience. Now agents can see their schedules, adherence, time-off requests and more directly from the Talkdesk application. All of this saves time and provides a better experience for all users.

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