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Updated 11/02/2023

Version 1.0.0

Modernize your customer service, marketing and sales teams, improving your conversion and customer satisfaction by Automating the customer journey.

With Atom you have all the visibility you need to give your customers and prospects the best experience with your brand, and grow through with the greatest interaction channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, among others. We are Meta business partners!

Key features

The most complete conversation module on the market

Atom's Conversations module has all the tools you need to respond to your clients and streamline your advisors. It is a multi-agent and multi-channel platform with which you can reply to messages not only from WhatsApp, but from other channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and more. With quick replies, multimedia content delivery, and WhatsApp features, your conversations are fluid, effective, and measured with real metrics.

Automation with Artificial Intelligence to respond 24/7 to all your messages

If you receive many conversations on WhatsApp, or any conversational channel, and your service advisors cannot respond on time, or give them priority, with Atom you have an automation that allows you to respond to your customers in seconds, transfer them to an advisor, qualify them, and follow up on them.

Empower your teams with mass messaging via WhatsApp

Atom allows you to manage mass message campaigns and automatically respond to thousands of customers, without worrying about your agents getting overwhelmed by receiving many responses

Visibility and traceability of your customer service efforts and strategies

Atom has a complete module with real-time reporting on the results of your conversations, your advisors' performance, chatbot automations and integrations.

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